Sunday, 17 August 2008

Jam the Box 20/09/2008

Jammiwam dates in Da'Burgh

Washing Machine
The GRV, Guthrie Street, Edinburgh
Entry £5
1030-0300 hrs

Step Back (B'more & Ghetto-Tech)
Red Bar /Sneaky Petes, Cowgate
Entry ??

Jam the Box
The GRV, Guthrie Street, Edinburgh
Entry £3
1030-0300 hrs

Monday, 21 July 2008

Jam the Box, Edinburgh Fringe Show 07/8/08

Jam the Box
The GRV, Guthrie Sreet, Edinburgh

Entry £3

Resident DJ's
Sinnerman, Marmalade Maslin, James "Jammin" Thomas & Jammiwam

Jam the box is a night jammed full of musical ideas with an ethos of expect the unexpected. Anything goes as long as it moves the body and touches the soul. The soundtrack has a backbone of electronic music but the influences are far reaching; tripped out house rubs shoulders, knees and sweaty toes with hip-hop, jazz, new wave, dub and techno. The vibe is futuristic yet underground – leave any preconceptions at the door…

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Jammiwam Mix # 4

This collection of music which is on kinda the same vibe as Jammiwam Mix # 2 but is also a different and more complex sound to what i have usually played in the past. Over 20 tracks, many off beat and non four to the floor tracks. Not so well blending in some parts but a good overall look as what sounds i'm into at this moment in time.

Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction - Fallen Angels
Rustie -Jagz on Smack - Stuff
Voltaic -Breed - Point.One
Jamie Lidell - Little bit of feel good - Warp - mr oizo rmz
Hud Mo - Come get It - Lucky Me
Modeselektor -Godspeed - Bpitch
Nabraska - Intro - Downlow
Cybotron - Cosmic Raindance - Deep Space
Dopplereffekt - Plastiphillia - Clone
Japanese Telecom - Game Player - Intuit
Letroset -Arcade Hater - Point.One
Truffle Club - Engines - Stuff
Letroset - Skillex - Point.One
Modeselektor- Happy Birthday - Bpitch
Peter Dundov - Oasis - Substance rmx
Lawrence - Shipwrecked - Styrax Leaves
District One - Handsome - 100% Pure
Obsolete Technology - Evening Star - AW Recordings
DJ Bone - Struggle - Subject Detroit
Substance - Relish EP - Scion - Shed rmx
Voltaic - Abyss - Point.One
Lory D - Ghill - Wireblock#
Smith n Hack - Space Warrior - Hardwax
Lory D - Bobby rmx - Wireblock#
DJ Taeili - Back that thang up - Dress2Sweat

Thank You!!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Jam the Box Art

Jammiwam Mix # 3 Dub

Starting with proper old Studio One Dub and progressing into the sound of now, Dub Techno!

This form of music has been out for several years due to the Basic Channel lads from Germany. In recent times dubbed out techno has saw a massive rebirth with many Detroit and again Germany artists releasing special edition limited and coloured vinyl as displayed in the above picture. Expensive but also priceless!!

Artist such as Deep Chord and alises appear on this here along with the Chain Reaction crew and alike.

Don Drummond - Confucious
Sound Dimension - Rockford Rock
Sugar Minott -
Michigan & Smiley - Rub a Dub Style
The Congos - Congo Man - Carl Craig Edit
Rhythm & Sound - Let jah love - Substance rmx
Fluxion - Oblique - Chain Reaction
Convextion - Miranda - Deep Chord rmx
Echospace - ?????
Fluxion - Fovea - Chain Reaction
Convextion - Frozen Circus - Downlow
Rhythm & Sound - See mi yah - Basic rmx
Deep Chord - Vantage isle - Echospace
Tikiman - Round 4 - Main Street
Deep Chord - Vantage Isle (dc rmx) - Echospace
Kirk Degiorgio - I do not Excist - B12
Brendon Moeller - Jazz - Third Ear
Soultek - Clouds overhead - Fortun8
Thank You!!!

Monday, 30 June 2008

Jammiwam Mix # 2

This collection of tunes was me playing a more bar orientated set however by the end it is way more dancefloor.

Over 20 tracks and many of them released in 2008. The sound of Glasgow inparticular Rustie and friends and European Disco Edits both feature heavily as right now thats the shit i wanna hear.


Rustie & 215 - Cafe de Phresh - Stuff
Rustie - Clipper- Stuff
Rustie & 215 - Patrick Ewing - Stuff
Dress 2 Sweat Vol 1 - Throw some D's
Hudson Mo - Ooops - Lucky Me / Wireblock
Rick Wilhite- Lost tracks of Detroit - Stilove4themusic
Trus'me- Tony Does what Tony wants - Stilovd4themusic
Moxie - Yes you May - Moxie
Maelstrom - Devilish Fun - Solar
The Popular Peoples Front - Part 3 - PFP
The Popular Peoples Front - Part 1 - PFP
Trus'me - Working Nights - Fat City
Moodyman - Untitled - KDJ
Omar S - Day/Night - FXHE
Mark E - Human - Slave EP
Yellow- No more words - Soul Jazz
Jimmy Edgar - Do - Citinite
Alexander Robotnik - Dance Boy Dance
Jimmy Edgar - Untitles - Citinite
Letroset - Arcade -
Kraftwerk - Robots - Kling Klang

Thank You!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Next event...

Friday 4th July

Washine Machine, The GRV, Edinburgh
1000-0300 hrs

Washine Machine is the brainchild of long term buddy Brian. This will be WM fourth date after debut night with guest act Silicon Soul of Soma Records. Spread across two room, the sound is a mixture all thats good in house and its roots.

This date will have fellow friends and music lovers Marc Grant, Brian Shrenter, Gibby, Duncan Scott, James Thomas and Lee Brown all playing a quality selection of sounds.
A mix from this night covering sounds of Disco, Beatdown, Electro, Crunk & Deep Techno shall appear on this blog soon.

Jammiwam Mix # 1

Recorded on a bleak and random friday afternoon in December 2007. This mix was a rough idea of what i played in warm up duties for one and maybe Glasgows best DJ, Jackmaster!
Jack runs Numbers Club in Glasgow, Dj's around Europe and is a major player of the scene.

JM played in Edinburgh at a christmas gig for us and played one of the most electric sets heard in recent times. The lucky punters in the small and packed out venue where treated to a sweaty festive journey of all thats good with Detroit Techno, Ghetto, Baltimore and the old classics of days gone by.

Here is the pre jackmaster set........


Mad Mike - Heartbreak of a Groove - Happy records
Mad Mike - Give it to Me - Happy Records
Mark Flash - Set you Free - Upstart Records
Eddie Flashin Fowlkes - August 13th - Cityboy
Bumper - - Pigna People rmx -Wireblock
Alexander Robotnik - Les grands
Telex - Moskow Disco
John Tejada - Timebomb - 7th City
Brendon Moeller - Jazz - Third Ear
Quadrant -Infinition - Scion
Mike Huckerby - Wave - Synth
Substance & Vainquer - Sleeparchive rmx - Scion
GMan - Quo vadis - Styrax Leaves
Marcel Dettman - Scenario LP - Kompakt
Soultek- Soundshift
Marcel Dettman - Scenario LP
Raiders of the lost Ark - Los hermanos rmx
Robert Hood -Planned our Escape - Music Man
Baillie Bob -Sunshine - UR
Robert Hood - - Music Man
DJ S2 - Plastic People - Ican
DJ Bone - Subject Detroit 7"
Don Willaims - Detroit Red - Artless

Thank You!!