Sunday, 29 June 2008

Jammiwam Mix # 1

Recorded on a bleak and random friday afternoon in December 2007. This mix was a rough idea of what i played in warm up duties for one and maybe Glasgows best DJ, Jackmaster!
Jack runs Numbers Club in Glasgow, Dj's around Europe and is a major player of the scene.

JM played in Edinburgh at a christmas gig for us and played one of the most electric sets heard in recent times. The lucky punters in the small and packed out venue where treated to a sweaty festive journey of all thats good with Detroit Techno, Ghetto, Baltimore and the old classics of days gone by.

Here is the pre jackmaster set........


Mad Mike - Heartbreak of a Groove - Happy records
Mad Mike - Give it to Me - Happy Records
Mark Flash - Set you Free - Upstart Records
Eddie Flashin Fowlkes - August 13th - Cityboy
Bumper - - Pigna People rmx -Wireblock
Alexander Robotnik - Les grands
Telex - Moskow Disco
John Tejada - Timebomb - 7th City
Brendon Moeller - Jazz - Third Ear
Quadrant -Infinition - Scion
Mike Huckerby - Wave - Synth
Substance & Vainquer - Sleeparchive rmx - Scion
GMan - Quo vadis - Styrax Leaves
Marcel Dettman - Scenario LP - Kompakt
Soultek- Soundshift
Marcel Dettman - Scenario LP
Raiders of the lost Ark - Los hermanos rmx
Robert Hood -Planned our Escape - Music Man
Baillie Bob -Sunshine - UR
Robert Hood - - Music Man
DJ S2 - Plastic People - Ican
DJ Bone - Subject Detroit 7"
Don Willaims - Detroit Red - Artless

Thank You!!

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